Doctor Oz Has Exciting News For Television Fans

by Brandon Topp

You heard it right, The Dr. Oz Show is coming right here to Z Living! 

Dr. Oz Teams Up With Z Living 

Dr. Mehmet Oz has quite the background, having made his name as the go-to health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show years ago. Once his Oprah fame surpassed the level of guest-expert, he started The Dr. Oz Show, where he would go on to offer advice to guests on a variety of wellness-related topics including diet, exercise, sex, and health myths for eight full seasons.

Looking around at the rest of our programs, it’s clear that the The Dr. Oz Show couldn’t have found a more appropriate new home than Z Living. In actuality, this show has more connections to our existing lineup of programming than anything we've ever acquired. 

Dr. Oz has covered holistic and alternative medicines, like those used by the brave souls profiled on our shows Desperate For A Miracle and I Beat The Odds. He's given people honest and helpful advice on diet and lifestyle choices, just like the hosts of Z Living’s healthy eating shows like Flip My Food With Chef Jeff, and Now Eat This! And, The Dr. Oz Show also explores the mental process that goes into healthy living, just like JD Roth does as host of our original series The Big Fat Truth

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HowThe Dr. Oz ShowNever Stops Impressing

Across this extensive series, The Dr. Oz Show has covered an incredible breadth of topics. This wealth of health-entertainment that’s about to pour through the Z Living floodgates is as informative as it is enjoyable. Over the years, The Dr. Oz Show has at times offered insight into simple, commonly talked-about topics like, “How To Conquer Your 40+ Beer Belly.” Then, at other times, he’s gone deeper into more scandalous territories with some episodes that focus on questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor, and others that focus on debunking popular health myths

The Dr. Oz Show brings an impressive roster of guest experts, mind-blowing demonstrations, life-changing insights, and great moments with television's favorite doctor. Stay tuned this September! 

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