Dr. Oz Exposes 7 Common Body Myths

by Danielle Holden

Humans are a gossipy species, which is why we've created so many health myths about our own bodies. Luckily, Dr. Oz has dedicated a large part of his career as a leading health expert to debunking such fictional anectdotes. Also, he’s coming to Z Living this fall! Gearing up for the premiere, we gathered up some of the most common myths Dr. Oz has taken down. 

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1. Chewing Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest

The Dr. Oz Show blog points out that despite being insoluble, gum still travels the same path as all of the other food you swallow. It can’t stick to your stomach wall, and therefore it leaves your body two-to-three hours after entering it. 

2. Tapping The Bottom Of Your Chin Tightens Skin

On the show, Dr. Oz will often invite at-home viewers to send in taped questions for him to answer. One woman admitted on a 2012 episode that her mother taught her that tapping the bottom of her chin would prevent her from developing turkey’s neck. Unfortunately, our neck muscles just lose tone over time, and tapping them won’t fix it.

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3. Memory Loss Is Inevitable

According to The Dr. Oz Show, the part of your brain that is responsible for memory—hippocampus—shrinks on average just 1% each year. Also, that shrinking is reversible with certain exercises that stimulate those cells. One fun example of exercises that improve your memory is juggling. 

4. Egg-White Facials Can Keep Your Skin Firm

Don’t rush to cover your face in yolk just yet. Another fan-question about a common beauty myth asked Dr. Oz if egg-white facials keep your skin firm. Unfortunately, egg whites only tighten pores temporarily, making them an ineffective natural treatment. 

5. It's Healthier To Rinse Your Pasta After It’s Cooked

Dr. Oz had YouTube sensation Lynn Cauchon—a.k.a. The Domestic Geek—to explain why you don’t have rinse your pasta after it’s cooked, which she said is the #1 food myth on the web. Rinsing pasta after cooking isn't necessary, because it's been cleaned in the boil, and it rids the pasta of natural starches that help it hold sauce. 

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6. Hydrogen Peroxide Cleans Cuts

Grabbing cotton balls and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is the quintessential mom-response to a scrape or cut. Dr. Oz points out, however, that hydrogen peroxide isn’t an effective tool for cleaning wounds—a health myth that’s carried on in most American households. 

7. Men Can’t Do Kegels

Dr. Oz has recommended kegel exercises for women to improve sex life, and he’s pointed out that men can do them too. Contrary to popular belief, men have the same pelvic floor muscles as women, so they can do kegels for better bladder control and better stamina in bed. 

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