It's Totally Healthy To Be Nuts About Nuts

by Elizabeth Keyser, Diabetes Life
Go Nuts For: Pecans
Go Nuts For: Almonds
Go Nuts For: Walnuts
Go Nuts For: Hazelnuts
Go Nuts For: Pistachios
Go Nuts For: Peanuts

This article was originally published on—a website dedicated to helping people with diabetes live happier and healthier lives—as "Go Nuts!," and is reposted with permission from the author. 

It's easy to be nuts about nuts — especially if you have diabetes. They're satisfying and low in carbs. Their richness comes from their fat content, and it's the heart-healthy kind. Research suggests that one ounce of nuts a day can help protect against heart disease and, at least in women, diabetes. There's also a correlation between eating nuts and having a lower body weight and a lower risk of gaining weight and becoming obese.

Many recipes call for removing the skins, but keep in mind that though sometimes a little bitter, the skins contain most of the antioxidant compounds that make the nut such a superstar. Click through our slideshow above to see which nuts you should add to your diet (go on, go nuts!).

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Tell us in the comments: Which nuts are your favorites, and why?

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