Forget Resolutions, Just Maintain Your Healthiest Habits

by Janis Roszler,

This article was originally published on—a website dedicated to helping people with diabetes live happier and healthier lives—as "Keep on Keepin' On," and is reposted with permission from the author. 

It's that time again to choose a New Year's resolution. Will this year be different or will you join the millions of people around the globe who make annual resolutions then abandon them after a few weeks or months?

Rather Than Resolving (Again!) To Lose Weight, Here's A Different Idea:

I'd like to suggest a different idea for this year. Sure, I could list dozens of new health behaviors that you might like to try once the giant, sparkly mirror ball drops in New York's Times Square, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'd like to suggest something else. Something that will not only help you enjoy greater health this year and next, but will be a goal you can really keep. I'd like you to keep on keepin' on.

What does that mean? It means that you should identify something you already do correctly and pledge to keep doing it. Instead of glancing thorough your long list of behaviors you wish you could do, focus on one that you already do well. What are you doing right? Are you reducing your sugar intake, as shown in the photo above? Exercising daily? Keeping a food journal? Once you identify that, pledge to keep on doing it.

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Here's Some Examples: 

Last year, Dave joined a health club and began to play racquetball twice a week with a good friend from work. It transformed his health.  He began to lose weight, feel more energized, sleep more soundly, and reduce his stress level. He plans to continue this behavior and hopes that he will reap even more benefits as the year goes on.

Last year, Shari began to follow the Plate Method of meal planning to help improve her blood glucose control.  It took a while to get used to, but she now, happily, fills her 9-inch lunch and dinner plates with food portions that work for her.  She places non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers on one half of the plate.  Her protein serving goes in one quarter of the plate and she puts her starch choice, such as corn, peas, bread and pasta in the remaining quarter.  She tops off her meal with a small fruit (about the size of a tennis ball) and either 1 cup of skim milk or cup of artificially sweetened yogurt.  She plans to continue using the Plate Method throughout the upcoming year.

Last year, Ben found a great way to stay on top of his medical needs.  Each time he meets with one of his health care professionals, he enters his follow-up appointment plus a reminder message into his iPhone. So far, he hasn't missed a single session with any of his health care providers and plans to attend all of his future ones as well.

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It's Great to Try New Health Behaviors, But...

...don't forget about the ones you have already mastered. Remember: It's likely you are already doing quite a few things well, so have a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year, and keep on keepin' on!

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