Love Snacking? These Simple Tips Will Help You Avoid A Snack Attack

by The Z Living Editors

In today's convenient world of packaged and processed food, healthy snacking —​ aka, noshing on food between meals that's actually healthy  is pretty difficult. Curbing an unhealthy snacking habit that can sneak in tons of extra calories daily is one of the toughest obstacles when it comes to weight loss. And when you’re constantly seeing others unwrap vending machine treats or bodega-bought goodies in front of you, it can be extra hard to imagine a snack any other way. In reality though, healthy snacks are cheaper, easier, and way better for you — and many of them are package- and processing-free. So how can you start changing your diet and losing weight by replacing your usual packaged treats with healthy snacks?

Get A Handle On Your Snack Habits!

Getting a handle on snacking — and knowing how many calories you're consuming — is one of the "big fat truths" explored in Z Living's newest original unscripted series The Big Fat Truth.  In the show, host JD Roth is on a mission to find the real reasons behind weight gain. And there's plenty of surprises along the way.

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Watch The Video Below To See One Example Of The True Cost Of Snacking

Check out an eye-opening clip from The Big Fat Truth below where one teacher doesn't fully realize the amount of calories she's gaining daily from snacking until she does the shocking math herself. Learn more about The Big Fat Truth here, and see where you can tune in.

Check out more about this teacher's learning curve on The Big Fat Truth here, and watch The Big Fat Truth, Sundays at 8pm to find out the end of her story, as well as the incredible weight loss stories of tons of others! 

Here's Some Easy Tips To Curb Your Own Snack Attacks:

What IS a healthy snack? Just think about it for a moment. You're likely picturing an unappetizing stack of raw baby carrots and celery sticks. In order to start snacking in a healthy way, you have to open your mind and stop reaching for foods that come in wrappers. Here’s how:

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Swap The Chips For Plant-Based Packaged Snacks.

On The Big Fat Truth, all show participants follow a whole food, plant-based diet. But whether you dive fully into this diet or not, swapping out sugary, salty processed snacks for plant-based alternatives is a win-win. Check out SnackNation's Plant-Based Snack Box, which comes with 15 plant-based, full-sized, delicious snacks (think nutrition bars, seeds, nuts, and more), with no artificial anything inside 'em. Check out some of their healthy snacks in the photo above!

We've even worked out a special deal with SnackNation: You'll get 20% off a monthly membership when you sign up for a monthly membership (and you can cancel anytime). So instead of $24.99, your box costs just $19.99! Click here to learn more and sign up.

Prepare Your Own Healthy Snacks.

Try replacing one packaged snack every day with a healthy alternative by simply Googling “healthy alternatives for ____.”

Once you get going, preparing your own healthy snacks becomes fun and creative. Popping your own popcorn with just a dash of oil makes for a super low calorie snack that’s filling and fun to make. Replacing potato chips with cucumbers or thin pita crisps and hummus makes for a way more dynamic flavor combination. All the sweets you love so much can be replaced by fresh fruits and yogurt, and the savory ones can be swapped out for veggies with dips, healthy portions of crackers and high-protein cheese, or even a big, green salad. Enjoy!

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Purge Your Cabinets Of Pre-Packaged Snacks.


In The Big Fat Truth host JD Roth’s best-selling book of the same name, one of his pro tips is to do away with packaged goods entirely. Purging your shopping cart and daily diet of packages is a great way to start opening up your intake for healthy snacks.

He says: "How many packaged foods do you open a day? Count the number of packages you open for a whole day, then incrementally decrease that number as the week goes on. If you start with eight, try to open seven the next day, then six, then five, and so on. Once you’re down to one to two packages a day, you’ll find that you have way more room to eat healthier foods."

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Prep Healthy Snacks A Week Ahead Of Time.

Instead of buying packaged snacks, plan ahead and bring your own. Once you find healthy replacements for the bad snacks you used to love, find ways to prepare and package them yourself. Prepare your snacks at the beginning of the week if you can. Chop up tons of carrots or celery sticks, or buy almonds in bulk, then package them into snack-sized Ziploc bags to carry around. 

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Still Hungry? Here's The Healthiest Way To Fill In The Cracks.

You may find yourself still hungry when you switch to healthier snacks, and that’s perfectly okay. Don’t use that extra space in your diet to fill up on unhealthy foods, though. Instead, add filling green salads, handfuls of nuts, or high-protein unpackaged snacks into your diet. You’ll be surprised how much more full you are when you focus on plant-based snacks. Good snacks won’t leave you hungry, and good meals won’t leave you craving bad snacks.

Watch The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8PM, with special encore presentations Tuesdays at 8PM.

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