3 Ways To Finally Quit The Snooze Button

by Myla Cruz

According to a study by French tech firm Withings, 57% of Americans regularly hit the snooze button. These results suggest that extra sleep can add up to your average domestic snoozer wasting up to 3.5 months in a lifetime. The study also showed that a total of 70% of England regularly snoozes. 

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Dr. Michael J. Breus, PhD, a sleep psychologist and the author of the new book The Power of When, says, “The [snooze button] is the worst invention ever.” Breus warns that it can cause memory problems and daytime drowsiness. If you can relate and want to ditch snoozing, take these three simple tips to kick the habit:

Create Separation

The closer your phone is, the easier it is to snooze. One way to force yourself out from under the covers is to leave it across the room while you sleep, making getting-up the only way to turn off your morning alarm. To turn this into an even healthier practice, spend that five minutes you save not sleeping, and implement some early-morning stretching to get ready for the day ahead. 

Use Your Head

Snoozing is easy, because it’s just a press of a button. What if your brain had to work to disarm an alarm? That’s where Mathe Alarm Clock comes into play. The iPhone and Android compatible app makes you solve a series of math problems before you’re able to make an alarm stop ringing. This is a great way to actively push through snooze-states, and get your mind warmed up for the day. 

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Rethink the Problem, Then Rethink Your Strategy 

Dr. Breus assures in his book that no one actually needs the snooze button, you just need to truly understand their own body and their chronotype—the propensity for an individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period. Luckily for us, Breus has actually created a quick and simple test that pinpoints your chrono-typical patterns. This valuable information can help you better understand your natural sleep habits and needs. Listening to these needs, and taking steps to get better rest should reduce your need to hit the snooze button. 

Have you beaten your snooze-button habit? Tell us how in the comments below. 

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