Discover How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

by Danny Cullen

Staying is a task any time of the year, but working out during the holidays is even tougher. When life starts to get this hectic, things start to fall by the wayside, and those things are usually your health and fitness routines. Luckily, we put together a brief, handy guide to help you stay fit this holiday season. 


Literally putting distance between you and bad foods can be a huge help during the holidays. When you’re sitting on the couch and a bag of chips is literally within arm’s reach, it’s hard to say no. But put that same bag across the room or even in the pantry, and suddenly those chips seem a lot less appealing. 

It seems obvious, but it’s amazing how simple and effective proximity can be. It’s just like going to the gym—if your gym is far away, it becomes just that much harder to get there. It’s the same with snacks and junk food.

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The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is a great way to approach the holidays. This time of year, as you surely know, is ripe with less-than-perfect foods. That is to say, the foods are sugary, sweet, fatty, delicious and, of course, bad for you.  Unhealthy food during this year is impossible to avoid.

That’s why the 80/20 rule is effective. It basically says that 80% of your food choices are healthy and 20% can be indulgent. That way you can still enjoy a taste of the delicious dessert-based holiday foods without overindulging.

It also makes you more discerning. You can choose the food that you really want rather than stuffing three brownies down your gullet just because they’re there. This mindful rule can help maintain the good work you did during the year and carry on the good habits into the new one.

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Work in Workouts

This tip is good to help you maintain a healthy caloric balance. Basically what you do is you create a “balance sheet” of food to workouts, and make sure that for each piece of guilty food you consume, you have a counteracting workout. For instance, each cookie you eat means fifteen pushups.  

This sort of balancing act is great as it is not only a built-in deterrent against overeating, but it also ensures that your caloric output and input are more balanced than you would find during the typical holiday hang-fest. For added effectiveness, combine your most hated and difficult exercises with the least healthy foods. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can avoid another piece of pie if it means a 10-minute wall-sit.

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