Five Natural Ways to Ease Thyroid Disease Symptoms

by Raeanna Comstock

Natural remedies for thyroid disease provide a strong supplement or alternative to prescribed medication. Whether it's battling weight fluctuation, heart palpitations, or irritability, one of these methods could help:

Eat Healthy Foods

One of the easiest ways to support your body is to consume healthy foods filled with vitamins and nutrients. Inflammation that occurs insideour bodies is often linked to chronic diseases and illnesses like thyroid disease. One of the easiest ways to reduce it is by eating a diet filled with whole, clean foods that dont block you up. Organic fruit and farm-raised meat contain more tools for your ailing body to utilize, while avoiding the damaging fat-footprints of processed ingredients. 

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Go Outside and Take a Walk

A walk outside sounds like a simple response to a complex issue. The truth is, some exercise and fresh air actually helps several side effects of an unbalanced thyroid gland. Symptoms of thyroid disease often include things like weight gain, depression or anxiety. Exercising can improve your mood while also helping you to maintain or lose weight. 

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Go Gluten Free

Many people who suffer from thyroid disease are also sensitive to gluten. In which case, eating gluten cause an inflammatory response in your gut. Experiment with removing gluten from your diet and note any change in the severity of your thyroid disease symptoms. Remember, removing gluten does not mean you have to remove all carbs. Foods like rice and quinoa are gluten free and act as great fillers. 

Perk Up with Coconut Oil

The list of coconut oil benefits is about a mile long. Some common symptoms of thyroid disease include dry skin and hair. Coconut oil is a natural skin moisturizer and also amazing as a conditioner for your hair. 

Chill Out

Too much stress in our life causes inflammation inside our bodies, which can lead to chronic symptoms. If you are already suffering from thyroid issues, stress can exacerbate everything. Finding ways to reduce and manage the amount of stress you are dealing with is important in handling the irritability and inflammation caused by thyroid disease. Meditation, reading, exercise, and coloring, are all very simple and effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety. 

Have more natural ways to manage the symptoms of thyroid disease? Tell us in the comments. 

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