9 Immune-System Boosting Foods From 'Recipe Rehab'

by Meredith Grace
Sweet Potato
Fatty Fish
Dark Berries
Green Tea
Spinach & Kale
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The first chill of fall is creeping inwhich means cold and flu season will be quick to follow.

Growing up in my household, there was no better way to fix a cold than with a steamy bowl of chicken noodle soup...but that soup was usually pre-packaged in a can. Now, thanks to Recipe Rehab host Evette Rios, I know that eating fresh, real food is a better way to beef up my immune system come winter.

Click through the slideshow above to see what foods we recommend adding to your diet to help boost your immune system through this year's cold and flu season.

WATCH on Z LivingRecipe Rehab, where each week two chefs face off in a competition to give one family's high-calorie recipe a new low-calorie twist. See a sneak peek here. 

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