Tune Into The 8-hour Marathon Premiere Of The Dr. Oz Show

by Christine Ortiz

On Labor Day, this Monday, The Dr. Oz Show premieres on Z Living. A former regular guest of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Mehmet Oz has since established himself as television’s favorite doctor with the The Dr. Oz Show, which premiered in 2009.

Check out The Dr. Oz Show premiering on Z Living on September 4th. Find out where you can tune in.

Needless to say, we are more than excited for The Dr. Oz Show to come to Z Living. From the countless celebrity guests, to the weight-loss hacks, to the embarrassing questions—this is health entertainment at its finest. 

What To Expect During Monday’s Marathon 8-Hour Marathon 

Beginning at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET on Labor Day, the inaugural Dr. Oz marathon on Z Living will be emblematic of the show’s eclectic programming. With a profile on the world-famous Whole30 diet with its founder Melissa Hartwig, and a conversation with professional trainer Bob Harper, these episodes will exemplify the wide range of life-changing fitness trends and celebrity guests that come on the show. 

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What The Dr. Oz Show Will Bring To Z Living

Along with its constant flow of expert consultants, widely-sourced diet tips, and fun demonstrations, The Dr. Oz Show will bring viewers a variety of health-and-wellness perspectives wider than any other program on television. So while every diet, workout, or life-hack might not be for you, the show is bound to show you more than a few things that actually help you get healthier. 

You Also Might Enjoy

Dr. Oz fans will find a lot more to enjoy upon arriving at the Z Living network. They’ll find former Dr. Oz guests like celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito who helms our original series Now Eat Thisshowing everyday families how to make their favorite meals healthier. They’ll find amazing diets like those explored on The Dr. Oz Show on our other programs like  The Big Fat Truth, and great workouts on shows like Sweat The City.

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When To Catch The Dr. Oz Show On Z Living

Those of you who are also excited for The Dr. Oz Show to come to Z Living, you can check it out Mondays-Fridays starting at 1 PM E. There will also be weekend showings and more marathons to come, so be sure to tune into Z Living for your regular fix of The Dr. Oz Show

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