Discover How Environmental Medicine Could Save Your Life

by Nancy Offerman

Environmental medicine is one of those often-overlooked areas of health-and-wellness that is way more important than you realize. We saw this first-hand on an episode of Z Living’s series Desperate For A Miracle, where audiences join host Jewel to follow the real-life stories of people who overcame life-threatening illnesses through alternative treatments. 

On the episode, a woman named Rita Jones recounted a terrible illness she faced as a young woman. After her family moved from Arkansas to California, she immediately began experiencing a wide range of symptoms including: extreme nausea, strange rashes, difficulty breathing, and swelling in the eyelids and throat. The illness nearly brought Jones to death, leaving her more than desperate for a miracle, a miracle that would come in the form of environmental medicine. 

Rita Jones’ Incredible Recovery

When her condition was at its worst, Jones’ friend and nurse Claudine recalled a seminar she had been to on environmental medicine, and decided to reach out to one of the field’s leading homeopathic MDs—Dr. William Lee Cowden. 

Cowden listened to Jones' story and determined it was likely a case of environmental medicine, and ordered Jones to come to his hospital in Dallas immediately. After Jones nearly lost her life to the long, drawn-out diagnosis period, Cowden was quickly able to determine that she had suffered pesticide poisoning in California, while administering her an effective treatment. Her subsequent recovery will shock you. 

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What Is Environmental Medicine? 

So, Claudine saved Rita Jones’ life by asking if her mysterious symptoms could require environmental medicine, but what is that? The leading organization in the field is The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and it helps define the term in its mission statement by saying, “The AAEM provides research and education in the recognition, treatment, and prevention of illnesses by exposures to biological and chemical agents encountered in air, food, and water." So, to simplify, the field addresses illnesses caused by environmental influenecs like pesticides or pollution. 

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When Should I Find An Environmental Doctor? 

So, the lesson here is that environmental doctors, as well as all homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, are worth consulting when there’s nowhere else to turn. Conventional physicians don’t always look to the environment for cause-and-effect, so they might overlook a case of environment-induced illness, like with Rita Jones. No matter what, you should always consult your regular physician, and gather as many opinions as possible when pursuing a diagnosis. 

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