5 Tips To Rekindle Your Sex Life

by Simona Terron

Monogamy doesn’t have to be synonymous with monotony. Being in a long-term relationship could sometimes lead to a loss of romance and a slower sex life, but don’t lose hope just yet. These tips could zest up your boudoir behavior:

  1. Snuggle Up With A Movie: Rent a movie, preferably a rom com, which research shows are enjoyed by men just as much as women. Now get cozy and let the movie set the mood, since romantic films are known to raise the levels of oxytocin, otherwise called the ‘snuggle hormone’.
  2. Make Out, Outside Your Comfort Zone: Yes, the bedroom is ideal, but getting out of your comfort zone is just what you need. Explore the house for places where you can get frisky; mirrors make bathroom sex a visual treat, while showering together can get things steamy, the living room couch will evoke teen memories and fooling around in the car is always fun. Don’t feel pressured to go all the way each time, since a little sexual tension could lead to an explosive experience later on.
  3. Schedule It In: Don’t wait to be in the mood, just rev all engines and go for it when you have the time. In fact, scheduling it into your regular routine ensures that sex doesn’t sink down in your priority list. ‘Maintenance sex’, or well-planned sex, even when you’re not necessarily in the mood, goes a long way in cementing bonds.
  4. Get Vocal: Discussing your sexual fantasies with each other can be a great way to relax and reveal your innermost needs in a safe way, without fear of judgment or embarrassment. Now work on those dreams, and make them a reality.
  5. Say It Right: Throwing around the phrase ‘I love you’ each time you talk on the phone or are walking out the door, robs it of meaning. Be specific when you’re thanking your significant other, instead of just breezing off with a generic ‘thank you’. Saying the right thing at the right time could strengthen your relationship and reignite the passion.


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