7 Things To Try Before Giving Up On A Relationship

by Karina Assad

Maintaining a good relationship takes work. That means real, actual effort on the part of both people, work that, when done well, benefits both and helps a relationship grow. When two people grow together, the relationship does as well, but if a couple begins to grow apart, the relationship can become stagnant.

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Before you throw in the towel on your own relationship, be sure to give one of these seven ideas a try:

1. Find New Ways To Explore Each Other’s Interests

People are attracted to people who have passions. So think about it: Do you know your partner's particular passions well? If not, it's time to find out. So make a date that has no romantic pressure, but instead treats your partner to an activity he or she enjoys (a baseball game, a long hike, a cooking class, etc). This creates an opportunity where you'll get to bond, as well as learn what makes each other happy.

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2. Always Practice Active Listening

Active listening can save a relationship, if you're having trouble communicating. How do you do it? Engage! That means paying attention and looking your partner in the eye while he or she is speaking and using body language like nods to convey your interest. And it means deferring judgment, and offering a candid, honest response.

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3. Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Has it been a minute? Have things gotten a little ho-hum between the sheets? Nothing gives a relationship a new spark better than actively initiating sex. Introduce a fun new bedroom toy, watch a racy movie, play footsie, dress up for dinner... Then head to bed.

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4. Make A Vision Board Together

It may sound silly, but trust us: vision boards are an effective way to explore what you and your partner arepassionate about, and to see where you both want to be in the long run. Try making one labeled "Where We Want To Be In 5 Years" and list everything: family goals, relationship goals, career goals, etc. Do it on Pinterest, or simple draw it out in words and sketches. Then refer back to it to make those goals a reality.

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5. Take On A Gratitude Challenge Together

Plan to not only take a moment to be thankful for the good things happening in your life each day, but also for each out. Read more about what a gratitude challenge can do for you in this article from Z Living: 7 Big Reasons To Do A Gratitude Challenge This Year.  

5. Meditate On Your Relationship 

Psychology Today notes that meditating can relax your nervous system. So, even if you're at a stressful point in a relationship, meditation can ease you into a mindsetmore thoughtfully equipped to make decisions and dispute conflicts. 

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6. Workout Together

Exercising releases endorphins, helping your the brain achieve a natural high. So why not experience this high with your partner, as well as be able to high-five about your fitter, healthier bodies together? Also, even medical experts claim that being in better shape equals better sex!

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