7 Ways To Treat Your Valentine That Don't Involve Chocolate

by Shahrzad Warkentin

Back away from that 20-pound box of sweets and give your Valentine something a little more unique, something that shows you care about their health and happiness. Check out these healthy, but still romantic, alternative Valentine’s Day gifts, that don’t involve chocolate. 

Take A Cooking Class

Just because you're passing on the sweets doesn’t mean food can’t still be the way to your Valentine’s heart. Instead of springing for an overpriced restaurant meal, however, give a gift that will last long past Valentine’s Day with a cooking class. Sign your partner and yourself up for a couples class that focuses on healthy dishes. After the class, take your skills back to your own kitchen and make countless more romantic meals together. 

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Get Out In Nature

Flowers are another Valentine’s Day cliche, but you can spin that tradition and give a gift that’s not only beautiful, but that can also get you outdoors and moving. Skip the bouquet and take your date to a local garden instead. While the roses may not be in full bloom just yet, there are plenty of other beautiful winter flowers to see, like camellias. If your home is too cold for a winter garden, try a snowy hike, or day ice skating. 

Adopt A Pet

Celebrate your own love by spreading affection to an animal in need. Adopting a pet with a loved one can be a great way to build your bond, make you healthier (both physically and emotionally), and even prepare you for raising children. Visit a local shelter or rescue organization together to find the right dog or cat for you. Check out Z Living’s new series Finding Fido for inspirational stories of rescue dog adoption.

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Matching Accessories

Diamonds may make quintessential romantic gifts, but fitness trackers can help live you longer, so bypass the baubles and give her an accessory that can actually make your loved one healthier. Get matching fitness trackers, you can take track your hearts together while you hit the gym for couples workouts. You can also use the trackers to create challenges  and motivate each other.

Get Cozy

Lace is lovely, but sometimes comfort can be even sexier. Give your Valentine the gift of a warm and cozy night in. A soft, warm blanket to share can bring you close together, both physically and emotionally. A relaxing night of just cuddling up can leave you happier, which makes for a healthy and loving relationship.

Loving Touch

Besides several health benefits, including pain management and stress relief, massage can be a great way to show your partner affection through touch. A gentle, loving massage can help you get intimate and give your Valentine the gift of relaxation. You can build your connection, become more mindful of your partner’s needs, and rekindle romance with nothing but your own two hands.

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Cut A Rug

Dancing is not only a great way to get close to your partner, it also makes for a fun way to workout. Besides getting you moving, dancing together requires you to focus on each other, communicating with your bodies. Hit a dance club for an energizing date night or sign up for a dance class you can attend together and learn some new moves. Either way, you’ll spend some time working up a sweat while you strengthen your relationship.

You don’t have to resort to tired cliches just to show your Valentine some love. Find your own unique ways to strengthen your bond, get intimate, and grow healthier. 

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