Meet Gina & Dylan, The Inspiring Couple From The 'Altar'd' Premiere

by Monica Beyer

Did you catch the first episode of Z Living's addictive new original series Altar'd? If so, you met Southern California natives Dylan and Gina, and watched their story of emotion, transformation, and love. Read on for highlights from their episode, plus some behind-the-scenes photos. And by the way, that's their slimmed-down after photo above, from their wedding!

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All About Altar'd:

In the show, engaged couples are challenged to shape up 90 days before their wedding day — with the added twist of doing it separately, then revealing their transformations when they meet up again at the altar! For 90 days, each bride- and groom-to-be is asked to workout for an hour daily and eat only meals from the diet delivery service Diet-to-Go. They'll have access to gyms, trainers, and the support of co-hosts Erin Stutland and Chris Marhefka, but the real commitment to change their bodies and lives — as well as the struggle, willpower and emotion along with it — comes from within. Check out more about the show here. 

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Meet Altar'd's First Couple, Dylan and Gina

Dylan and Gina have been together for three amazing years, and were counting down the days 'til they said "I do." We soon learn, though, that they both want to lose some extra weight, and want to learn how to lead healthier lifestyles so they can maximize their time together as man and wife. Inspiring, right? BTW, this is one of the engagement photos the duo shot before they began their individual health and fitness journeys (at right).

The Separation

As all Altar'd' couples will do, Dylan and Gina completely separate for a full 90 days to work on their diet and fitness goals. The pair says a tearful goodbye, and set off on their own, with the support of co-hosts Erin Stutland and Chris Marhefka, to see how much change they can go through before the big day. Learn more about fitness pros Erin and Chris here. 

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The Work

Losing weight and changing lifestyles is no easy task. Dylan and Gina both meet with their personal trainers, who do an initial weigh-in and measurement, which enables both to face the long road they must travel — and of course, without the direct support of their spouse-to-be.

The Challenges

The path to good health is not an easy one to traverse, and both do hit a wall when they're trying really hard to make changes for the better. For Dylan, he doesn't really feel the unique cross fit training he's going through, and for Gina, her trampoline exercise gets to be a bit too much.

Their Amazing Progress

Despite a few setbacks, the bride- and groom-to-be both make steady progress once they really get into a groove and find workout methods that suit their personal styles.

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The Wedding Plans

Just because they're working hard to lose weight, that doesn't mean that they've forgotten that they're deep in the midst of wedding planning. Gina finds the perfect dress (and plans for future alteration once she drops a few dress sizes) and Dylan tries on his first suit (also planning to alter after some weight loss). Also, we get to watch Dylan partake in some amazing wedding catering food, but since he's already started eating healthier, he's able to leave most of the rich food on the table.

The Reveal

Altar'd' is unique in that final reveal takes place during the actual wedding. When Gina makes her debut and walks down the aisle, we see her at the same time Dylan does (and it's one heck of a first look!). And the final weight loss? Dylan lost 42 pounds; Gina lost 32. To call it simply amazing is an understatement. And just look at them!

Catch Altar'd Tuesdays at 8 PM, only on Z Living. Find out where you can watch Altar'd.  

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