Dating Advice For Men: 5 Ways To Truly Satisfy Your Woman (Not Just In Bed)

by Shruti Shukla

Dinner dates, flowers and chocolates are cliché; if you truly want to please your girl in ways she won’t ever forget—and will love you even more for—you’ve got to make it more intimate and thoughtful.

No, you don’t need to make love to her in an elevator, nor spoil her with diamonds; follow these simple tips to create a lasting impression:

1. Strike A Good Conversation, Let The Emotions Flow: Regardless of how long you’ve been seeing her, steer clear of small talk. But also remember to make it more meaningful than just chatting about her family, her dog, and her grocery shopping list. Sometimes, it needs to be about just you two. Express gratitude for all the small and big things she does for you, remind her that you love her for the way she laughs, or for the way she cooks your favorite recipe. If you’ve been dating long enough, revisit old stories (she’ll never get bored of them).

2. Make Her Feel Beautiful: Even if your girl is comfortable in her own skin, chances are she seeks reassurance from you. Tell her she’s beautiful, inside out. Be honest about the things you really love about her body—it could be her eyes, her hair, or her delicate fingers. But don’t go overboard, because if you fake it, she’ll know.

3. Touch Of Love: There’s nothing more romantic than the tender touch of love. Play with her hair, give her a little peck, and hold her hands in public (it says that you’re not afraid to proclaim your relationship). When in bed, embrace her tight, and let her feel loved and protected.

4. Make Her Feel The Warmth…After Sex:  Her need for love and affection goes beyond lovemaking. Fight your urge to fall asleep after an orgasm, especially if she’d rather have you talk, cuddle, or show some affection. Give her a light massage to relax her body. If nothing else, wrap her in your arms and fall asleep together.

5. Laugh & Make Her Laugh: Who says sex should be serious? It should be light, flowy and fun. Be playful and witty, get mischievous, don’t hesitate to crack a few jokes, even some dirty ones. A good laugh will make the whole experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.


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