5 Emotional Blocks That Are Affecting Your Sex Drive

by Vanessa Luis

Sex may seem like a physical activity, but there’s more emotional involvement than you think. Your feelings not only intervene with the act, they also determine your attitude towards it. If you find yourself losing interest in this passionate play, you could be facing an emotional crunch. Read on to understand the possible reasons behind it:

1. Poor Body Image
Women, in particular, get highly affected by how they look between the sheets. I’m too curvy, I’m too skinny, I don’t look good enough—thoughts like these could kill your confidence and lower your libido. Being comfortable in your own skin may sound easier than it actually is, but doing so will only benefit your personal life and your sex life.

2. Depression
The state of gloom and unhappiness could affect you in many ways—it could give you sleepless nights, thin your hair, or lower your appetite. It also manifests in bed, marring your libido.  Treating depression will help improve your mood and boost your desire to have sex.

3. Stress
Who doesn’t feel the pressure of work, family, finances and relationships? It’s common to feel a certain level of stress, but when it starts affecting your sex life over long periods of time, you need to get up and take notice. Stress can burden you emotionally, thereby affecting your attitude towards sex. Dealing with stress and finding ways to minimize it could help improve your libido.

4. Lack Of Intimacy
Not being interested in sex does not mean you are physically lacking, it could also mean you don’t feel intimate enough with your partner. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. But if it lacks passion and an emotional connect, it could affect your sexual drive as well as your performance in bed. It’s important to indulge with your partner physically and emotionally, before getting down to the act itself.

5. Lack Of Communication
This could be yet another reason you don’t feel emotionally tuned in to sex. Communication is key to any good relationship. Telling each other what works, and what doesn’t, will ease the tension. Making an attempt to understand each other may bring the two of you closer, thus increasing your sex drive as well.


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