Fun Ways To Spend V-Day With Mr Maybe

by Simona Terron

You’ve only just met and things seem to be going swimmingly fine. He calls almost every other day and sends you funny texts through the day to let you know he’s thinking of you. He’s quick to make plans to ensure he’s got you booked for the weekends but he never cramps your style or presumes you’re going to be available when he wants to do something.

You’re not a thing yet, sure, but your friends, your co-workers, and even your family seem to suspect something’s up, but are all being uncharacteristically respectful and waiting for you to tell them instead of grilling you for the news.

And then Valentine’s Day comes around. Before you stress out and hit the panic button, take a deep breath. You know he has feelings for you; he’s either made it painfully obvious or even almost said as much. But don’t push your luck. Things are at a crucial juncture and putting too much pressure on the poor chap might not only make him buckle under the weight of all the expectations. What expectations, you ask? Oh well, in case you haven’t noticed the store windows, shop displays, ads and hoardings for almost a month leading up to February 14, the ‘Day Of Love’ is being used to flog almost every known product or service to humankind. Not just the candy, flowers and cheesy presents, almost everything is screaming at him to impress you and he’s going to feel compelled to at least try.

So here’s what you can do to give the poor guy a helping hand. Take charge and offer to organize something instead. Of course, don’t bruise the poor fellow’s ego and relegate him to the background. Ask him what he’d like to do since this year V-Day falls on the weekend. And if he’s open to it, here are some suggestions you can run by him to spend the day in a chilled out, “I like hanging out with you way” that’ll make him fall for you even harder.

  1. Tip: If he’s into sporty stuff, find a way to lightly tease his competitive side. This could mean anything from a round of miniature golf, shooting hoops courtside, or swimming at the local pool. If he’s an outdoorsy kinda guy, race him up a hillside to get on the slopes for a bit of skiing. Or bike up a trail that’s not exactly for beginners.
    Plus: This kind of action will get his blood racing and heart pumping without him wanting to analyze what this means in terms of his freedom and to view the impending loss of his single guy status with doom and gloom.
  2. Tip: He loves food and enjoys trying out new things in the kitchen, which is why you need to get out those dusty recipe books and don an apron pronto. Even if all you know how to do is sip a glass of wine and look pretty, relax and let him handle the cooking. Help out instead of playing the clueless princess, and make sure to appreciate his knife skills, culinary know-how and of course, his groovy culinary talents.
    Plus: Things tend to heat up in the kitchen and while the way to a man’s heart may allegedly be his stomach, perhaps letting him work his way into your heart via your stomach is a challenge he will happily rise to.
  3. Tip: Perhaps you didn’t meet in a bar but that doesn’t mean alcohol needn’t be part of your potential relationship equation. Set up a makeshift bar in your living room; make sure there’s plenty of ice, sufficient glasses and of course, a few different alcohol varieties as well as some mixers and garnishes. Now get down to experimenting with sexy twists on classic cocktails, and sip each other’s attempts.
    Plus: Keep score if you like or just enjoy the feeling of getting high on the increasing alcohol levels in your bloodstream and the rising attraction between you two. There’s no telling where the night could end.
  4. Tip: He loves burying his nose in a book just as much as he does nuzzling your neck. Give him the chance to do both by hanging out at a cozy, vintage bookstore or muffling giggles behind the last row of your local library.
    Plus: Read him your fave authors or quote some romantic poetry. If that doesn’t awaken the sapiosexual in him, nothing will. And as a bonus, some erotic literature may even inspire you two to take things to another level behind prying eyes, in the privacy of someplace more personal.

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