Any Chance You’ll Get Lucky This New Year’s Eve? Here Are 6 Safe Sex Tips, Just In Case

by Simona Terron
The year is almost over but the night is still young and so are you, at heart at least. Bringing in New Year’s Eve can be exciting and fun and potentially memorable, with the possibilities of finding love lurking around every corner.

What’s also lurking in the corners is the possibility of any of the following 7 unsavory scenarios:

  1. Binge drinking
  2. Drunk driving
  3. Unprotected sex
  4. Having your drinks spiked
  5. Being sexually assaulted
  6. Getting into brawls
  7. Falling down stairs

To ensure that your start to 2016 is a happy, safe and one, perhaps you need to be careful about certain choices you make. This includes your company for the evening, the venue where you will be partying, how much you drink, your transport to and from the venue to your residence, your diet for the evening before, during and after the party.

But what about the stuff you cannot control? That cute guy who’s been hitting on you all night at the bar; the old friend your bestie keeps raving about and finally gets to introduce you to; the ex-colleague you had the hots for but never dared date while you two were working together. They’re all potential romantic interests but in the ‘right here, right now’ moment before the ball drops, there’s a good chance of one or both of you dropping your pants, right after.

We’re not judging but if you’re going to indulge in some random hook up, at least be smart about it. Here are six basic rules to keep in mind before you do the deed:

  1. Don’t accept any drinks from someone you don’t trust with your life. Being roofied is not exactly on your bucket list now, is it? And try not to get drunk, it lowers inhibitions and you’re more likely to make mistakes like not using contraception properly, which is as bad as not using any at all.
  2. Don’t leave the venue with a random stranger, without telling anyone. That’s a date rape invitation. Always inform someone who cares about you, and tell them the name of the person and place you’re headed to.
  3. If you do go back to your date’s place, make sure your friends know the location beforehand and send them a GPS pin once you get there as well. Text them later to let them know you’re OK.
  4. Always carry condoms with you. It doesn’t matter whether the opportunity to use them will arise or not.
  5. Once you’ve got that covered (pun intended), try to get yourself a set of dental dams so that they can protect you if you indulge in oral sex of any kind.
  6. If at any point you realize that you don’t have any or enough protection, stop at a pharmacy and pick some up. You should realize you’re past the point where your date will think you’re being ‘forward’ for doing this since it’s clear you two are going to have sex. Unless it becomes painfully clear you’re not, in which case you’re fine.

Keep these golden rules in mind and 2016 will be a lot easier to take on knowing you’ve been naughty but not stupid.

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