How One Woman Ended Up Marrying Her Twitter Crush

by Z Living Contributor

Say what you want about digital romance, social media love affairs, and online dating — these are tested routes to millions of happily-ever-afters. Take this story of 140 characters, an ex-circus performer, and a British bookstore clerk.

It begins with a tweet: 


...and ends with a marriage:


We're not kidding.

Back in 2012, Twitter user VictoriaOB_ developed a crush on Jonathan O’Brien, who ran the official account of Waterstones, a London-based bookseller. Having not met him, she was drawn to this weird-cute mind tweeting about Pokemon and books attacking humans. Victoria soon began following and interacting with him. 

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Victoria told Metro UK, "[His] tweets really made me chuckle. They were always topical, clever, and I constantly retweeted them."

For most, the tale would have ended there, but Victoria wanted to meet him IRL ("in real life"). For a while, she and the mysterious social media guru tweeted back and forth, but the whole time, he sidestepped her advances, insisting he was, "married to the books.”

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Finally, she'd had enough of the digital cat-and-mouse and came into the store bearing the one symbol of undying love—doughnuts. 

O’Brien reflected on the experience in the aforementioned piece by Metro UK, "At first I thought it was a little odd, but then I realized I had doughnuts.” He went on to say, “This goes against everything I learnt in school about strangers."

The two have dated ever since. Just last month, they married, restoring the entire Internet's faith that true love is real, even in an age of tweets and swipes. 

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