5 Smart Strategies For Eating Healthier As A Couple

by Isabel Thottam
In anticipation of Z Living's upcoming original show Altar'd (premiering January 17), where a bride- and groom-to-be take on a 90-day fitness challenge to lose weight before walking down the aisle, we're collecting and telling a series of relationship stories. Check out more about the show here!

Are you trying to eat healthy, but finding that your significant other won’t stop eating sweets in front of you? Is your partner constantly eating fast food and drinking sugary sodas? If you’re a healthy eater, or someone trying to make a shift to a healthier lifestyle, it can be especially tough to stick to your health plans when your partner, roommate, or family member just isn't on the same page.
But instead of forcing your significant other to eat well with you — or annoying him or her by nagging about those poor food choices — consider the following ways to gently make healthy eating a part of your partner’s lifestyle, too:

1. Offer to Cook Dinner.

And take it one step further: Instead of just whipping up, say, a salad and forcing your partner to eat it, consider a sneakier approach. Send your partner a text saying that you want to cook him or her dinner, and ask what they'd like to eat. Whatever they say, there's almost always a healthier way to trim in down (and that's what Z Living's popular cooking shows Flip My FoodNow Eat This!, Recipe Rehab, and Healthy Gourmet are all about, after all!). Our suggestion: Try these clever, healthy food substitutions or these food hacks from Now Eat This!.
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2. Going Out? Choose a Vegan or Vegetarian Restaurant.

Rather than opting for a restaurant you know will be filled with carbs, considering picking a vegan or vegetarian restaurant where, chances are, the healthy options will vastly outweigh any unhealthy ones. A quick tip; Don’t just spring one of these spots on your partner though; instead, send the menu to him or her ahead of time and say you’ve been wanting to try the place.
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3. Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Food.

If you live with your significant other, an easy way to take charge of what you both eat is to be the grocery shopper of the household. While you shouldn’t just throw out all of their unhealthy foods in the house (that's a recipe for a fight), if you fill your fridge and cupboards with delicious-looking yet healthy snack and food options, your partner will likely eat them out of necessity. So keep that crisper drawer filled!

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4. Pack a Lunch For Your Partner.

Whether you live together or just spend a few days at your significant other's place, the sweet, nag-free way to help your partner eat healthier is to simply pack his or her lunch. Leave a lunch bag on the counter or in the fridge with a note simply saying you had some extra food or wanted to share it. Even if your partner doesn’t eat it, it’s a nice gesture.

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5. Set an Example.

The best way to get your partner to eat healthier overall is to lead by example. If your partner listens to you talk about eating healthier, but then sees you eat unhealthy and junk foods, expect your bluff to be called. If you want to get your significant other on-board to eat better, you have to first make sure that you yourself are upholding the values you're preaching. Good luck!

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