5 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship So It Lasts & Lasts

by Brandon Topp

One thing that absolutely every relationship does is age, which can be taxing for those who’ve found someone they want to really go the distance with. But here's the good news: A willingness to step outside of your day-to-day routine and get a little creative can go a lo-o-o-o-ng way in preventing your partnership from growing stale.

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So how can you jumpstart a relationship that's grown a bit stagnant? We’ve broken down five different easy approaches to spice your relationship up! 

1. Utilize The Coolest Newest Apps & Tech Products Aimed Enhancing Your Love Life.

It’s 2017, and digitized romances are far from rare. Any long-term relationship, and especially people in long-distance relationships, can benefit from new tech-y romance apps like Couple, a platform for couples to play games, make lists of dream vacations, and kiss by pressing their thumbs to the screen. There’s also the high-tech cushion Pillow Talk, which plays your heartbeat live through a pillow that your partner sleeps with (great for when your other half is away on business trips!). And then there's apps like The Ice Break, which puts a couple through a series of questions to create meaningful, relationship-changing discussions, while also providing a new place to record and share special moments. 

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2. Or, Unplug Completely With Your Significant Other!

Not to completely contradict our first tip, but taking a break from your TV, Internet, and texting addiction can help you reconnect. For example, maybe you don't want a boob tube in your bedroomdistracting you from cuddling or sex, and don't need to always watch it while you're eating dinner (bring on the conversations!). One strong case for yanking the plug is that without the distraction of a screen, you’re more likely to have deep talks and get intimate. 

3. Get In Touch With Nature Together.

Whether your bring greenery into your house, or head outside to seek it, nature is good for your soul and your partner's. There’s a reason a bouquet of flowers is a classic relationship-booster, as flowers are proven mood enhancers...and they're beautiful to boot. Go outside and immerse yourself and a loved one in nature. If you make it a hike, you’ll get the added endorphins released from exercise, which can be a bonding experinece with a loved one. 

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4. Create A New, Exciting Routine. Something. Anything!

If your relationship needs spicing up, there’s likely some dull repetition happening. A simple way to break that up, is to start a new routine. You could commit to trying two new restaurants each month together. It could be committing to getting out in nature for a hike once a week. It could be trying a couples yoga class. Regardless, make sure it’s new and that you both stick to it for a while. 

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5. Hug It Out. 

An article by Mind Body Green credits hugging as being effective at healing depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness. And guess what? These are all side effects of a tired, stale relationship. Take some time to give your partner an extra-long hug once a day (really go for it: thirty seconds minimum!). No matter if you’re tired, or in a fight, or sick, make sure take some time and hug it out. 

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