Say OH-H-M: These Yoga Positions Lead To Better Sex

by Karly Treacy

A regular yoga practice can help anyone awaken the sleepier parts of the body, making them more alive and sexually responsive. The condition of the pelvic floor muscles is directly related to intimate satisfaction and orgasm potential. If they are too tight and weak, sex can be painful and orgasms can be difficult to accomplish. Yoga postures targeted at releasing, stretching, and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which can ultimately take your sexual satisfaction to the next level.

The following five poses are designed to wake up the whole body, activate, stretch, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles:

Seated Breathing into Forward Fold

Sit very tall in a simple cross-legged position. Most of us benefit from sitting on something, like a blanket, a block or a bolster. This gentle inner thigh opener is a great way to start to lengthen the inner thighs, which have a direct relationship to the pelvic floor. Then, begin to notice your breath (most of us do not take full inhales and exhales!). Start to fill the body to maximum capacity with the inhale, as you do this you will begin to stretch the diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles. Keep a long spine as you exhale until all of the breath leaves your body. You will begin to feel the abdominals engage to press the air from the lungs and a subtle lift off the pelvic floor. Repeat for eight breaths and then keeping the length of the spine fold forward. This gentle forward fold will begin to open the outer hip muscles that support the pelvis. Come up and repeat with the opposite leg crossed in front.

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All 4’s Hip Circles

This exercise is a great way to encourage awareness and blood flow into the pelvis.  Come on to hands and knees. Set the wrists directly beneath the shoulders and the knees directly beneath the hips.  Keep the shoulders and upper body stable as you begin to make hip circles.  Think Elvis-style swirls in the hips! Swirl for 6-8 breaths in each direction.


This gently encourages the pelvic floor muscles to awaken. On all fours, with wrists beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips, feel your hands press into the earth while keeping arms strong and straight. The shins press down to make the thighs strong. Think of your arms and thighs as pillars and your spine undulating like a suspension bridge between your four pillars. As you inhale, the tail and heart lift to the sky; as you exhale, press the mat away, scooping the belly in and round. As you inhale and allow the tail to reach up, you once again stretch the pelvic floor. Repeat for 10 cycles of breath.

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Downward Facing Dog (variation with knees bent)


To awaken the entire body, and stretch the pelvic floor in Downward Facing Dog position, you will bend the knees a significant amount, make sure not to collapse your chest toward your thighs and then reach the hips back and up. Hold for 8-10 breaths.

Runner’s Lunge Variation

This runner’s lunge lengthens all of the muscles in the front of the back leg thigh all the way up into the deep muscles of the low belly, stretching the front leg side of the pelvic floor.

Step one foot forward stacking that knee over the ankle and let the back knee rest on the mat. Point the foot slightly off center so that you can place both hands shoulder distance apart on the mat to the inside of the front leg (if the hands do not easily make it to the ground, use blocks). Then let the hips shift forward to open up the front of the back leg thigh. Breathe deeply. Hold for 12-15 breaths.

Using the breath while working through these 5 yoga postures targeted at awakening, releasing and stretching all of the muscles of the pelvic floor will set you up for optimal performance! The key is the focus. Even if you already have a yoga practice and these postures are familiar to you, focus on breath to feel the stretching of the pelvic floor and make sex much more satisfying!

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Tell us in the comments: How has your yoga practice changed your life?

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