New Web Series Tackles Sex-Ed for Everyone

by Myla Cruz

American sex education is awkward at best, with the country divided on how to approach it. One-third of U.S. states don’t even require sex ed for public school curriculums, while over half of the ones that do solely promote abstinence and conservative ideals. Schools that touch on LGBTQ sex education and other all-inclusive approaches are tough to come by. 

Enter L.A. filmmakers Erica Anderson and Emily Best. Taking the topic of sex, which most people learn about via false and fictionalized media, they co-created a more telling platform with their sex-ed web-series F*ck Yes.

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Concocting the idea over a bottle of wine, the two embarked on a new YouTube series that has reached hundreds of thousands with just four episodes. 

Described by Upworthy as a show that uses “raw, open honesty to explore the ways that consenting adults negotiate their sexual relationships,” F*ck Yes explores a myriad of topics: how does one figure out if someone wants to come back to your place and have sex? How do you discuss protection? How do you clearly find out what your partner enjoys, or how do you propose trying something a little different?

"We have culturally reinforced the notion that talking about sex 'spoils the mood' — that communication is somehow anathema to great sex," Best said to Upworthy. "Consent is not an arbitrary requirement, but in fact quite possibly the sexiest part of the whole deal."

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All of these moments can be exceedingly crucial in having a positive sexual experience, which is why the series strives to unveil all conversations that might arise, especially the most awkward.  Anderson elaborated in the Upworthy piece, "We wanted to make sexy shorts that show that talking about sex and their desires actually leads to more and better sex."

"Everyone needs examples of healthy sexual situations and ways in which they can utilize consent and enthusiastic consent," said Lauren Schacher, a co-creator on the show who also serves as a director and actor. "People WANT to know more about how to be more comfortable with sex and their own sexualities. But this is still only a fraction of the conversation."

The series, which was created by an all-female crew, has beneficial information for all genders, orientations and identities. Be sure to catch up on F*ck Yes and keep up with the new series on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

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