Weekly Round-Up: Mother's Day Special

by Simona Terron
This week deserves some extra attention, which is why we’re pleased to bring you a bunch of our recent neat stories focusing on that important lady in our lives: Momma. Whether it is the personal journey of knowing when to take charge in order to make mom happy, to millennial celeb moms’ advice, or even gifting advice to make every mother feel supremely special, we think you’ll like what you find here.

Learning To Take The Driver’s Seat With My Mum

A story about a daughter's realization that her mother was content to let her take all the decisions. Read about the journey of her taking the decision to enjoy that trust and the love behind it, even though it was a struggle at first.

Creative Mother's Day Presents for New Moms

Dads, moms, grandparents and relatives should take extra care and thought to celebrate this precious first Mother’s Day. A last-minute trip to the store for flowers or a box of chocolates just won’t cut it!

Make This Mother's Day An Experience To Remember

Sure, you can resort to store-bought presents for Mother's Day if you're short on time, but we'd love to suggest something different. From picnics, vineyard visits, or mommy-daughter spa vouchers, we’ve suggested gifts that are all about quality time spent together, and which promise to resonate on an emotional level long after the day has passed.

The Surprising Story Behind Mother's Day

Behind the piles of white carnations, glittery cards, and "I love you Mom" mugs is a surprising story about two women, a mother daughter pair both named Anna Jarvis. Their amazing story is a glimpse into America's past, and is a timely reminder on how we can be more mindful and more giving toward our mothers and our community at large.

Parenting Tips From Celeb Millennial Moms

When it comes to parenting and motherhood, these millennial moms have pretty much the same challenges and experiences as the rest of us. Some days are hard...some days are even harder, or so it can seem. Today's parenting landscape includes dealing with a slew of technology that has complicated things to say the least. Here's some advice from celebrity millennial moms for dealing with the intricacies of parenting in the 21st century, that any millennial mom (or parent) can appreciate.
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