Miranda Kerr's Surprising Stance On Sex Before Marriage

by The Z Living Editors

In an age where instant gratification rules, the idea of saving sex for marriage isn't exactly the norm (in fact, this site estimates that a mere 3% of Americans tie the knot before doing the deed!). But just recently, model Miranda Kerr let it slip that abstinence is the approach for her and her husband-to-be, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel. Yes, that's right: In an interview with the UK TimesKerr appeared to be saying that she and Spiegel were waiting to have sex. The model stated that the duo weren't planning on having a child "until after we get married. My partner is very traditional." When pressed, she said, “I mean, we’re just… waiting.” ​

It's surprising, but Kerr and Spiegel's decision begs a big wellness question: Does delaying gratification make the end result better?

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Instant Gratification Vs. Delayed Gratification

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The emotional moment where the couple sees each other again — aka, the ultimate first look — is extra special, largely because of the time the two have spent apart. And we're guessing that the same heightened sense of beauty and wonder likely translates to the bedroom. So we imagine that Kerr and Spiegel have a lot more to look forward to than just a larger family.

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To Wait... Or Not?

There's many a reason to save sex for marriage, from wanting to make the act special and exclusive, to religious beliefs, fear of the consequences, and more. Likewise, there's equally good reasons to go for it, from discovering your sexual identity, solving sexual issues, and figuring out that thing called "chemistry." 

But consider: There is something special about waiting... for anything. If you take a few months off from eating your favorite food, that next bite is very likely going to taste unusually delicious. Saving your money for something big rather than blowing it little by little can make you happier in the long run. And being apart from a loved one, whether sexually or physically, can make you crave, treasure, and appreciate that person's company in a similar way. Which makes waiting for marriage a surprisingly enticing idea. 

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