Women Rise Up Against Mansplaining

by Z Living Staff

As a woman, you’ve likely encountered a condescending man (or three!) in your life. Maybe these men have tried to set you straight by using a paternal tone or maybe they’ve insisted on explaining something to you in a patronizing way.

Either way, it’s totally bunk — as if these men really believe women shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads.

It’s because of all this subtle misogyny, we’re totally stoked that the new word mansplaining has been gaining traction. 

If you haven’t heard of it yet, mansplaining is the awesome catch-all word that women are using to identify and fight back against men who believe that they understand the world better than their female counterparts.

ATTN: has a mansplainer.

From Rand Paul to Matt Damon, The Good Wife to Mad Men, the video showcases all sorts of examples of mansplaining on the news and in pop culture. The major theme is that women aren’t as smart as men and somehow need to be told what’s up.

Fortunately, women aren’t putting up with it any more. The video goes on to show two instances of Australian female politicians calling out their mansplainers and returning to the issue at hand.

We’re not sure why ATTN didn’t show any American women calling out their mansplainers, so if you’ve got some good examples, let us know in the comments.

In any case, what an exciting trend! We’re looking forward to the day when men realize that women’s ideas should be regarded equal to that of their condescending counterparts.

Oh, and you know — paid the same!



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