It is time to come out of winter hibernation—enjoy fresh air, and chomp on hot food, straight out of a truck.

Spring in America heralds the beginning of food truck season, and they’re first seen at charity events, food truck festivals, and food expos. Soon enough, they also start doing the rounds of each neighborhood, serving hearty, wholesome food.

There’s just something about them that’s very fresh, exciting and nostalgic. And so, we bring you a roundup of our favorite meals on wheels.

1. I Love Bacon


Alabama’s roaming bacon emporium has a constantly changing menu featuring local and fresh ingredients. Current favorites are Carlos Santana—a Uruguayan brioche sandwich with grilled flank, bacon, ham, and fried egg; Miami Sound Machine—a Cuban sandwich with braised pork belly and Black Forest ham; and Tito Jackson—braised pork belly tacos. And of course, they give you the option of adding double bacon to food. We wish they’d also throw in a free membership to spin class!
Prices range between $7 and $13.
Where: Huntsville, Alabama
Visit: I Love Bacon Food Truck

2. Neon Lilly

neon-lilly-food-truck (1)
This café on wheels serves Eastern European cuisine—Ukrainian, Polish, Slavic, and Russian. Look out for Boston Pork butt, Ukrainian Kielbasa made of pork sausage on a hoagie; Golabki—Polish cabbage rolls filled with ground turkey and beef; Siberian Pelmeni plate—pork and beef stuffed Siberian dumplings, and Veggie Shaurma—seasoned rice with greens.
Prices starts at $8 and go up to $15 for a sampler plate.
Where: Madison, Alabama
Visit: Cafe on Wheels Neon Lilly Food Truck

3. Rollin Lobstah

The food truck offers four dishes starring its main ingredient: fresh, pink, lobster meat. The Mac & Cheese Bacon Lobstah Bites is a starter. The mains have a good bread to lobster ratio. Choose among the Connecticut Lobstah Roll—fresh chunks of lobster in a bun, Maine Lobstah Roll—lobster chunks served cold with lemon mayo or chili infused mayo, and the Lobstah BLT Slidahs—lobster tossed with lemon mayo, and bacon.
Prices range between $7 and $14.
Where: Hunstville, Alabama
Visit: Rollin Lobstah

4. Peruvian Brothers

The brothers, Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone, bring the unique taste of Comida Criolla cuisine through their sandwiches, sauces, empanada, salads and desserts. Salted pork tenderloin, slow cooked pork loin, oven baked chicken breast, or roasted chuck beef find their way into sandwiches, served with homemade sauces, and pickled or caramelized onions. The healthy eaters can choose from quinoa salad or a mixed green salad. Their empanada options have beef, chicken, or spinach and cheese. Desserts (postres) include lucuma or passion fruit ice cream, rice pudding, and Peruvian cookies.
Prices start at $4 and go up to $10 for combos.
Where: Washington, DC
Visit: Peruvian Brothers

5. Dark Side Of The Moo

Born in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Moo food truck sources organic produce and supports sustainable, ethical farming practices. They are known for their selection of game meat burgers; they also serve chicken and pulled pork. Their burgers are made with farm-raised game—Canadian elk, bison, grass-fed yak, wild boar. An unusual dish is the Hawaiian style shredded wild boar cooked in a banana leaf. Their gourmet game sausages made with smoked alligator, duck, rabbit, venison, or elk, change daily. The meat is served with sides of Cajun fries or truffle fries with cheese.
Prices start at $6 and go up to $12.
Where: Hoboken, New Jersey
Visit: Dark Side Of The Moo

6. The Cow And The Curd

This award-winning food truck brings to you a Midwest culinary staple—cheese curds. Their menu has one item: batter fried cheese curds served with a variety of batters, infusions, and sauces. By the side, they serve Milwaukee brewed Sprecher root beer and cream soda. Their Classic curds are made of white and yellow Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and they also do a list of specialty curds like sun-dried tomato, jalapeño, basil and garlic in white cheddar, and goat cheese curds. Not surprisingly, they recently introduced poutine—hand cut fries, gravy, fresh cheddar curds and hand chopped bacon.
Prices start at $6 and go up to $12.
Where: Philadelphia
Visit: The Cow And The Curd

7. The Feed Truck

This food truck, a project of a Christian non-profit, serves farm-to-fork breakfast fare like egg sandwiches, homemade preserves, tater tots, and fresh-brewed coffee. Their offerings change seasonally, depending on local, Jersey produce. They have gluten-free tacos with Cuban-style pork and scrambled eggs, and a vegetarian roll with Gouda and fried eggs. Sides include Scotch eggs, cider-spiced donut holes and sweet potato fries.
Prices start at $5 and go up to $8.
Where: Kingston, New Jersey
Visit: The Feed Truck

8. Sugar Philly

They call themselves a treat shop, but they’re really a patisserie serving affordable gourmet desserts. These include a vanilla creme brulée, crème fraîche cheesecake with a blueberry compote, and French macarons. Seasonal treats include pumpkin custard with candied pecans, mango rice pudding with coconut meringue, peanut pannacotta with a grape sauce, and a spicy Mexican layered chocolate cake.
Desserts start at $2, per piece.
Where: Philadelphia
Visit: Sugar Philly

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