When was the last time you spent a day all by yourself? Sometimes it’s difficult to even imagine going to a restaurant or a movie theater alone. How then, does one gather the will to embark on a solo trip—traveling without a companion for days?

The thought of wandering alone can be terrifying at first, but if you really think it through, it can be equally exciting. This could be your chance to have a ‘Wild’ moment a la Cheryl Strayed. A boring job, a stressful relationship or simply an itch to explore—no matter what your reason to travel, don’t wait for company.

If you’ve been standing at the crossroads for way too long, we give you nine good reasons to pack up and take off.

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1. Remember those trips where you had to wait for your friends or spouse to get their holidays approved, and then coordinate for months before you could even plan one? None of that matters when the only person you have to ensure makes it to the flight is—you.

wait for your friends

2. No more sacrificing and considering the needs of your travel buddy. Traveling solo means you have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you wish to, and go to bed at whatever time pleases you. PS: If you eat three tubs of ice cream, nobody will judge.


3. You’re not just one person. In a single day, you play multiple roles—the spouse, the parent, the colleague, and the boss. Isn’t it exhausting? Taking a solo trip gives you a few days to just be yourself, which brings us to our next point.

be just yourself

4. The best way to heal yourself is within nature or in a beautiful new country, or amid a culture that has so much to offer and teach you. Treat your trip as a chance to enjoy your ‘me time’ and reconnect with your inner self.

get me time

5. With freedom comes responsibility. This solo trip will teach you how to depend on yourself. With no one to watch over you, you will have to make sure you look out for your own safety. Sure enough, you will emerge a lot stronger when you’re back.


6. Now that you’re out of your comfort zone, you have to base all your decisions on your understanding of the place around you. It will teach you how to adapt and survive.


7. If you had a friend by your side, you probably wouldn’t try to make as many new connections as you will now. Look forward to meeting new people and sharing stories and experiences.

make friends

8. Conversely, staying away from your closest friends or your significant other will only make you value them more, and will strengthen your relationship.

value people

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