When you’re planning a trip, you’ll take extra efforts to make sure you carry the right clothes, plan an itinerary and gather all the guidebooks. You hardly ever worry about the food—except if you’re vegan. You won’t really have any food-related problems when you’re in North America, but when you travel across borders or overseas, you may need a backup plan. Here’s a list of survival tips for vegan travelers. 

1. Carry Some Handy Essentials
The safest way to ensure that you don’t starve is to carry a few travel-friendly foods. Pack a small jar of peanut butter or hummus, protein powders, crackers and granola bars in your luggage. These handy foods will get you through till you find a vegan restaurant.

2. Locate The Local Grocery & Marketplace
Do this as soon as you arrive at your destination. Having easy access to natural foods will give you the liberty to whip up your own meal. In the US, supermarket chains like Walmart, Costco and Kroger provide a good range of organic and vegan food supplies.

3. Beware Of Local Cuisine
You may want to be enthusiastic about trying the local cuisine, but hold your horses and inquire about the ingredients first. Right from the milk used to the oil, ask about it all. For instance, in many parts of Europe and China, lard (pig fat) is used to fry food. Remember you can always Google up the dish and learn about its ingredients before trying it.

4. Do Your Research About Vegan Restaurants In The City
Prior online research will help you locate restaurants easily. Websites like happycow.net and vegguide.org can be quite useful when looking out for vegetarian or vegan restaurants.

5. Get Yourself A Vegan Passport From The Vegan Society
This is a small, passport-sized booklet that translates in over 74 languages what vegans do and don’t eat. Pick the appropriate language and show it to your server so that he/she can help you pick the right vegan dish.

6. Don’t Forget To Carry Your Vegan Toiletries
Finding vegan food may not be as much of a problem as finding cruelty-free toiletries. Always carry your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion and cosmetics.

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