Top 5 Beautiful Places To Go Paddleboarding

Take your exercise to the next level and travel your way to a healthy physique. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to plan a trip to one of these five beautiful places to go paddleboarding.

Your mind needs a fun vacation, and paddleboarding is an activity on everyone’s outdoor agenda these days. If you’re lucky enough to live next to a big lake, or the ocean, you’ve probably taken advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer.

However, wouldn’t it be fun to put your paddleboarding skills to the test in a new way?

5 Places to Visit for Paddleboarding

Whether you’re planning a solo trip or making plans with your friends, the U.S. has tons of places to explore with delicious food, picturesque views, and of course, exciting lakes and oceans to put your paddleboarding skills to a test.

1. Lake Tahoe, CA

Along with Hawaii, paddleboarding has been known to originate from Lake Tahoe, California. One of the most amazing places to visit, Lake Tahoe has beauty, nature, and clear water that allow for amazing views.

Lake Tahoe offers the explorer the ability to enjoy the tall mountains and sandy beaches, along with some eye-catching wildlife. There are many paddleboarding events that make it a paddleboarder’s dream place to visit during the summer months.

If you decide to go on a tour, search for one that takes you to the hot springs. You can also visit the hot spring if you decide to skip the tour and go yourself, as they are accessible by car as well.

2. Hood River, OR

Imagine paddleboarding with a view of snow-capped mountains and experiencing nature like you never have before.

Popular for windsurfing, Hood River, Oregon has slowly emerged as a popular destination for paddleboarders around the nation. With tons of competitions and events offered, Hood River has become a must-visit spot to explore.

3. Florida Keys, FL

Explore your way through the mangrove forests, and experience wildlife like you never have before. The Florida Keys add a little adventure to the paddleboarder’s trail on the water.

With clear waters and a chance to see octopus, matinees, stingrays, and some interesting birds, get ready for a lively paddleboarding adventure you’ll remember forever.

4. Kauai, HI

As mentioned, Hawaii is one of the first places in which paddleboarding got its start. Kauai is a magical place to enjoy lush greenery and beautiful wildlife, including turtles and rare birds.

When you choose to paddle across the Wailua River, you will be sure to pass The Sleeping Giant, a popular mountain ridge in Kauai. Hanalei river brings a beautiful view of the bay and an abundance of exciting wildlife as you cruise on the American Heritage River.

5. Hoover Dam, NV

Nevada isn’t just home to Vegas. The Hoover Dam in Nevada is a retreat for many paddleboard enthusiasts and offers an exhilarating 12-mile course to try. A desert trip like no other, enjoy paddling on the Colorado River’s Black Canyon and spend the night on a private beach if you like.

The Hoover Dam has amazing views to indulge in and is a fun affair to take your paddleboarding adventure to the next level.

Paddle Your Way to Health and Adventure

The benefits of paddleboarding don’t stop at making new memories but rather extend to keeping you physically and mentally in shape. Paddleboarding can improve your balance, reduce stress, and promote cardiovascular health.

An extremely fun way to workout, paddleboarding is an experience to share with your friends and family and the perfect excuse to go on vacation.

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