No two words incite as much terror and excitement as travel disaster. On one hand, the thought of being met at the airport by loved ones holding signs is a gift in itself, but on the other, the realization that if something is going to go wrong, chances are it will be between December 22nd and January 3rd in New York City. So what can you do to prevent a holiday travel disaster? Plan ahead – far ahead – and use the following:

5. The Extra Hour. Might seem ironic, seeing how most travel woes deal with delays, but what 60 extra minutes mean is no rushing to the airport, no stressing when someone forgets their passport and you have to turn the car around, no shouting at other cars in the parking lot and if you’re flight happens to be delayed, you have plenty of time to call those waiting for you.

4. The Blame Game. There are going to be problems. Simple as that. But, according to a recent study, only 0.004 percent of flight delays were caused because the ticketing agent simply didn’t like you. A little “Hey, we’re all in this together!” goes a long way.

3. A Little Extra Charge. You’re going to be using your mobile 20 percent more over the holidays, so go ahead and buy a portable charger for it. This means you won’t be sitting on the ground next to an outlet in the airport. Do your homework to find the best one for you.

2. Yuletide Snacks. It’s the season and it’s all about the mirth and yes, you’re not technically supposed to share/accept candy from strangers, but you know what? A purse full of individually wrapped candy canes for your in-flight neighbors isn’t going to do anything except spread more holiday cheer.

An lastly – 1. Stand Up For Those Who Stand Up For US.  For those in an aisle seat, an emergency exit row, in first class, in business class… keep an eye out for one of our country’s servicemen. They’re either headed home to see family and loved ones they haven’t in a long, long time, or are leaving them for a long, long time. Either way, let’s honor them with a more-comfortable seat.

Happy Holidays! Travel safe.