Need a break from monotony? Thinking of taking a vacation? We have identified the top 5 travel trends of 2014 that can not only help you relax and entertain yourself, but also help you reach a new peak in wellness.

Soup for soul
In the past few years, people across the globe have embraced concepts of eating fresh, natural and organic foods that not only help them stay physically fit, but also benefits the mind.

This year, countries that foster and cater to these lifestyles have emerged as popular travel destinations. Australia, for example, has become a preferred destination for organic food lovers and Canada is gaining popularity for its farmers markets. Also, exotic destinations such as Vietnam and Italy (Tuscany) are charming travelers with local produce, therapeutic cooking classes, farming lessons and trips to vineyards that offer everything from wine tasting to fresh farm cooked meals and luxurious wine spa therapies.

Go on an Edu-venture
Travel planners across the country are now crafting customized itineraries for families that are looking for a fun yet educational trip.

US-based travel company & Beyond, which focuses primarily on eco-tourism, offers a program called WILDChild that aims to create an interactive and learning experience for families with children while they are on a Safari in Africa.

Similarly, a substantial number of families are also taking their children on cultural exchanges to countries such as Brazil, China and India to experience the entrepreneurial and survival skills of millions of people that live in extreme conditions and consequently learn to be happy, content and appreciate their comfortable life back home.

Cruise your way to health
Reputation of cruises being indulgent is obvious and perhaps well deserved, since they are supposed to be a break from a restrained daily routine. This year, however, almost every new ship is launching with bigger spas and gyms and offering fitness programs, yoga and meditation sessions, acupuncture therapy and even decks with adventurous outdoor activities such as rock climbing.

As for indulgent eating is concerned, at cruises you can now find trans-fat-free dining rooms, organic food menus, spa cuisine and even sushi bars.

Volunteer Tourism
A complete contrast to luxury cruises and vineyard getaways, volunteer tourism has tremendously picked up as a trend across the world in the past year. With dozens of organizations offering volunteer tourism options across the globe, you can now take a month-long break or even a year-long sabbatical to get away from your hectic routine and explore your thoughts, come at peace with your inner self and experience a different way of life.

Get star struck
If the mere idea of lying on grass and staring at the stars is therapeutic for you, you might want to consider going on a Galileo trip. Several destinations across the world are gaining popularity as star gazing hotspots. Hotels such as New Mexico Skies Inn are offering astronomy enthusiasts a chance to book a private observation dome and travel companies like SmithSonian Journeys take people on Galileo-themed trips, where people can observe galaxies and celestial bodies. This experience, many travelers say, is humbling and liberating.