*6 Dairy-Free Foods For Your Calcium Fix

    Soy for calcium
    Soy Beans: These are the richest plant source of protein, but also have sufficient calcium. You can use soy bean oil to cook your veggies, soy flour in baked goods, or simply turn your soy into milk. One cup of soy milk provides 261mg of calcium, which is equivalent to almost three glasses of milk.

    Memory loss, numbness, spasms, hallucinations—and you thought weak bones were the only ill-effect of calcium deficiency. This mineral is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body. Experts recommend having 1000mg of calcium per day (for both, men and women), which is typically obtained from three glasses of milk.

    Without doubt, dairy is an essential source of calcium. But those who are off dairy need not fret. Although it may seem like vegans have a daunting task to meet their daily calcium requirement, they can actually get enough and more, from fresh vegetables. Stock your pantry with these calcium-rich, dairy-free staples.

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