*6 Healthy Alternatives To Dairy (So You Don’t Miss Out On Your Favorite Snacks)

    Choose Dairy-Free Milk: You don't need to give up on your latte. The most basic step to go vegan is to replace dairy with an equally healthy substitute. Soy, almond, hemp and rice milk are delicious, and have a creamy texture similar to dairy milk.

    From making the perfect pudding to baking a rich casserole, you will feel the need to use dairy on several occasions during the holidays. Even if you are vegan, lactose-intolerant or have cut off from dairy in general, you don’t have to miss out on those rich, creamy textures and flavors. There are plenty of alternatives to milk, butter and cheese, easily available in local supermarket. So if you’re going dairy-free, choose from these nutritious substitutes.