*7 Superfoods To Feed Your Little Bundle Of Joy


    Once you get a thumbs up from your pediatrician to start your baby on solid foods, you can experiment with a lot of superfoods to make sure your baby gets a punch of healthy fun. Your baby’s first year is all about introducing him or her to a variety of foods to develop the palate without stressing too much about nutrition (since he is already getting a load of it from breast milk and formula).

    Confused as to what you should be dishing out for your tot? Here’s our list of seven delicious, nutrition-packed, and easy to prepare foods that a new mom can easily pull off.

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    With a Master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Exeter,UK and a diploma in food science & quality control, Stephlina is intrigued with the intricacies of the human body. She shares a deep interest in human diseases and believes that popping pills is not the only solution to fight an ailment.