5 Face Oils That Are Better Than Anti-Aging Creams

    face oils for anti aging

    You may have heard of Italian women bathing in olive oil because they believe it’s the ultimate anti-aging solution. While it may help some of them, that statement isn’t exactly true. What you must remember is that whatever you use to moisturize your skin, you’re not just using one product, but two. Have you ever wondered why?

    The skin on your face is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. This means that your face will have different moisturizing needs as compared to your body. You will require something that’s gentle, hydrating and suited to your skin type. Because the skin on your body is thicker, body lotion is usually formulated with concentrated ingredients, to help cater to your skin.

    But, when it comes to anti-aging, new research suggests you should skip the moisturizer altogether, and instead, opt for face oils. Why? It’s simple. Face oils are packed with antioxidants, peptides and other skin-pampering agents that penetrate and promote skin renewal from the bottom-most layers of your skin cells. Basically, it’s like the superfood of anti-aging solutions that the beauty industry says you should make a regular part of your diet, or in this case, skincare routine.

    From almond oil, geranium oil, carrot seed oil, borage oil and hemp oil, make the most of your morning and evening skincare routines and reap the benefits.

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