*Color Me In: How 2015’s Biggest Celebrity Hair Trend Will Ruin Your Tresses

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    We’re all for pop colors and bold hues, but the way we prefer it, is to restrict them to our lips and eyes for a dramatic makeover for a night out on the town. Celebrities however, have ideas of their own, and are using their hair as a canvas for rainbow colors that are in sync with Springtime. From the conventional blonde and burgundy to the truly bold pink, blue and purple, they’re flaunting their colored locks, and changing them back up in the blink of an eye.

    To be honest, we were quite intrigued with the #Grannyhair trend, and were considering giving it a shot for a month of two. But then, we dug deep, as we do with all trends and fads, to evaluate the pros and cons before we took the next step. Needless to say, we ducked out of that salon faster than a girl does, when she runs into her ex on a bad hair day.

    Stripping Down To The Root
    While those colors look glorious, they only sparkle and catch the light for the first week. Treating your hair to rainbow hues needs some serious prep. Your hair is first bleached to all-white, upon which the dye is applied. The next step is to tone the color into the shade of your selection. This is why it is known as the Double Process treatment, which happens to be much harsher on your locks than a global color, or one that does not require bleaching of the locks.

    Also, removing color (or going lighter) is more damaging than adding color (going darker), which, if you’re keeping up with the trends means the former. Make note that the ammonia in some colors damage the hair cuticles and dry out your strands, while the peroxide tempers the natural color of your hair. All this, for just four to six weeks of rainbow hair?

    The Right Way To Care For Your Colored Locks
    Whether you’re curling, ironing, or coloring your hair, you subject it to various stages of damage. This means, your same old haircare routine just won’t be enough. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

    So, while you decide whether its worth staying hip and current, we take you through five celebrities who are sporting the trend regardless—Hilary Duff, the Kardashian sisters, Julianne Hough, Mindy Kaling and Nicole Richie, we’re looking at you.

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