*Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio & Rita Ora’s Pretty & Practical Gym Hairstyles

    celebrity hairstyles to take to the gym

    On the same of thread of Taylor Swift’s impeccable post-workout look, we’re now stalking other celebrities who have us fascinated with their funky workout gear, and moreover, their cutesy hairstyles.

    For those who want to ‘look good’ while working out, we’re sure you’re experimenting with half-braids and hair bands at the the gym—even though your locks are constantly in your eyes, nose and mouth. When your hair brushes against your face, it causes friction and irritates the open pores and sweaty skin.

    Any activity that amps up the motion in your hair (more than normal) will lead to weaker follicles. This is the time for fitted hair-ties, and even clips and pins to keep stray strands intact. Once you’re done with your workout, release the strands, air-dry the sweat, and gently comb them out. Chances are there will be no knots at all.

    As for those cute gym selfies, take cue from Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Nina Dobrev for some mane-spiration. From simple ponytails, loose braids, and sporty plaits to hair buns and stylish updos, follow these celebrities to find your hair fix.

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