High-Energy Breakfast Options To Combat Diabetes


    Globally, more than 382 million people suffer from diabetes out of which around 29.1 million are from our nation. With such high numbers, it is important for us to understand that eating habits play a major role in dealing with this condition where a little carelessness can result in after meal, life-threatening glucose spikes leading to cardiovascular complications.

    As reported by IANS, a new Tel Aviv University study proposes eating a high-energy breakfast and a more modest dinner to suppress deadly glucose surges by up to 23 percent throughout the day. Study author Dr Daniela Jakubowicz explains, “By eating more calories at breakfast, when the glucose response to food is lowest, and consuming fewer calories at dinner, glucose peaks after meals and glucose levels throughout the day are significantly reduced.”

    Check out our high-calorie breakfast ideas that will help you in your battle against diabetes; choose from recipes for a black bean burger, yogurt with fruit and nuts, kale chips with hemp and flaxseed, ginger with coconut milk, sweet potato & kale gratin, or quinoa and red beans, and a lavender sweet potato and salad.

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