The Pumpkin Patch: From Head To Toe, A DIY For Every Beauty Woe

    pumpkin diys for skin hair

    You need the same beauty products, but in richer formulas to transition your skincare routine into the Fall season, seamlessly. That said, another great trick is to use seasonal ingredients to whip up your skincare solutions, because as is evident, they are built to withstand and thrive in the season; also, they will be easily available and economical, too.

    This is exactly why we’re spotlighting pumpkin. The festive vegetable (Halloween, people!) is the perfect go-to during the harvest season, and can be used to make your own hair mask, lip balm, foot scrub, body polish and anti-aging solutions at home.

    The Beauty Benefits Of Pumpkin

    With all of the above in mind, we venture out on an exploratory trip around the kitchen, to teach you how to whip up multiple beauty solutions using pumpkin as the core ingredient. Scroll on to know all about them.

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