*Safe & Natural: 5 Remedies To Get Rid Of Your Baby’s Cradle Cap

    cradle cap

    Cradle cap, also known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, is a very common condition in infants, which is often mistaken for dandruff.

    If your baby has cradle cap, there will be visible flakes on its scalp, as well as dry and white patches on the skin. It can also show as a yellowish and brownish scaly growth that will appear as patches on the scalp.

    Your baby can get cradle cap in the first few months of birth. Though it does not cause any health issues, it can be quite uncomfortable for your little one and you will have a tough time getting rid of it.

    Here are five effective home remedies to help you treat your baby’s cradle cap at home. If you don’t see an improvement even after using them and the condition becomes difficult to manage, speak to your doctor.

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