*5 Everyday Yoga Poses For Better Health

    Yoga for better health

    Yoga’s health benefits have been known for centuries. From flexing muscles and soothing aches to calming the mind, yoga asanas help combat several everyday health problems caused by stress, unhealthy eating habits and low physical activity. While an hour-long yoga session would be an ideal way to start your day, our busy schedules mean we don’t have much time to go to a class.

    But, guess what, we’ve made this simple for you. Here are five simple yoga asanas that can be easily done at home, for three of which—Cat-Cow Sequence, Child’s Pose and Seated Forward Bend—you don’t even need to get out of bed! Hold each pose for 10 to 30 seconds in the beginning, breathing deeply and slowly through your nose. Beginners are advised to perform each asana once for the first few weeks. With practice, you can do up to three to five sets, and hold each pose for a minute.

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