Cigarette Smoking Will Be The Undoing Of Your Workout

    is your workout going up in smoke

    If your moral compass is determined by the worst thing you have done, then your health calibration must follow the same logic. Do a few good deeds make up for the big bad ones?

    What’s The Point Of Being Skinny, But Not Fit?
    Joshua Duvauchelle, a certified personal trainer of the American Council on Exercise says that there are two aspects to those who smoke to curb their appetite. A research paper published in the medical journal Addiction, found that regular physical activity can help smokers quit smoking faster and more effectively.

    As for the question of exercise undoing the harm of cigarettes, there’s more proof in the converse. Smoking is more likely to curtail your progress in the gym. It takes no more than two cigarettes a day to do the damage, say medical studies, most of which is to the lungs. Smoking increases tissue inflammation, narrowing airways and delivering less oxygen to the body.

    Smokers aren’t irresponsible people. They care about their health, too. So when a smoker decides to sign up for a fitness routine, it’s a small step in the right direction. The key word is ‘small’. No amount of exercise or weight training will be able to make a significant contribution to your fitness levels until you kick the butt.

    Read on to know why.

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