*Trending: Hair Fragrances (Because Shampoos Are Just Not Enough)


    Well, right off the bat, we’re about to tell you that while your shampoos and conditioners are probably doing a great job of keeping your hair clean, their aromas are hardly of the lingering variety. Particularly among women who tend to wash their hair only a couple of times a week, come day 2 and your all scented-out, with a mix of sweat, sebum, and hair product smells that have created a nasty hybrid of their own.

    So, if you’re someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors, you might understand the hair fragrance trend better than anyone else. Worse, who isn’t familiar with the smoky odor that trails you closely after a night at the local watering hole (especially in your hair)?

    We’re not asking you to add yet another haircare product in your list of beauty buys, but as with cleansing conditioners, we suggest you just make your own hair perfume, because it’s really not that hard; and needless to say, it’s very economical.

    Here are some budget-friendly fragrant alternates you can make at home, with nourishing ingredients that protect against damage too.

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