Tried & Tested: Our Favorite Brands For Those With Sensitive Skin


    To know your skin type, we urge you to take our test and see which category you fit into—oily, dry, normal or combination. This will help you zero in on products that will suit your skin’s needs.

    If you continue to have acne breakouts, redness, inflammation, puffiness around the eyes, and rashes even, perhaps you may want to list yourself under the sensitive category. The reason regular products don’t work for you is that they can prove to be too rich and saturated, leading to excessive perspiration-induced rashes and breakouts.

    You need soap-free cleansers and products that do not have antibacterial or deodorizing ingredients, alcohol, acids, fragrances, retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids.

    That’s why we’ve specially curated this brand list; it is for those individuals who, no matter how gentle they go, still can’t seem to get rid of skin-related problems.

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