*Unblock & Balance Your Chakras With These 7 Yoga Poses


    The ancient texts of Ayurveda highlight the importance of chakras (Sanskrit for wheels) as a foundation of our sense of stability and being grounded. Chakras are the meeting points of the body’s energetic pathways, also known as nadiis, and assist the flow of prana or our vital life force throughout the body.

    Ayurveda defines seven main chakras, which extend from the base of the tailbone to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with a set of physical and spiritual development states, with a unique connection to physical ailments, body organs, colors and sounds. Any block in this chakra system can hamper the flow of energy through the body, which can lead to health issues.

    Yoga asanas help release any stagnant energy from the body while inviting fresh, vital energy. Here are seven yoga postures that can balance your chakras and rejuvenate your body from within.

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