*Shed Your Inhibitions & Amp Up Your Workout With These Yoga Practices

    different types of yoga

    What began as a conservative practice in India, soon ricocheted to different countries and was adopted, but served up in contemporary interpretations to adapt to the local needs. Yoga. That’s the keyword. A form that’s taken the world by storm, and is a preferred form of fitness and meditation, even among A-listers. 

    While for long people have pushed the traditions of the practice to its limits, what with Bikram yoga, yoga with weights, paddleboard yoga, and the likes, there are those that have taken things over the edge, with interesting modifications to suit moods, body types, and fetishes too.

    Say hello to Broga, Snowga, Fat Yoga, and yes, Naked Yoga and Pot Yoga, which aim to help you shed your inhibitions, engage in your passions, and amp up your fitness levels by breaking some norms and turning the practice on its head.

    It’s not conventional; but, we can’t deny that it’s effective. The point is, would you dare to do it?

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