*7 Vegetarian Foods To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

    In a recent study released by a dating site, it was found that women were less likely to click on a man’s profile if he was listed as being vegetarian. That could probably be attributed to the ‘meat is macho’ mentality. Beefy or not, guys can be healthy if they follow a clean, wholesome diet. In fact, they need not chomp on greasy steaks to be able to perform in bed. Other studies have shown that people on a vegetarian diet actually make for better lovers, as they have a reduced risk of heart disease and better blood circulation.

    But does a veggie diet provide for the energy one needs for good sex? Absolutely. Plant-based, non-meat sources of food are shown to have a wide range of essential nutrients for the body. These foods help increase your sexual stamina, and generate enough energy to match your mood.

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