*Hair Loss? Here’s A Much-Needed Dose Of Vitamin D To Strengthen Your Locks

    Before you lap up on shampoos and conditioners with the ‘hair-fall solution’ sale tag, remember that nothing that’s been artificially stirred up for mass produce can give you the goodness of wholesome all-natural ingredients.

    Hair fall, loss and breakage are problems common to both men and women, and seeing those strands circling the drain can really stress you out (which, FYI, will lead to more loss).

    One of the first things you need to check is whether you’re getting a good dose of vitamin D because, more often than not, that’s where the problem lies.

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    We take it for granted that just by being outdoor now and again, the sun’s giving us our fill, but this is nowhere close to the truth. And should you make a big deal about it? Well, yes! If you’re losing more than 50-75 strands a day, you damn well should!

    Vitamin D and ferritin (a protein in the cells that stores iron) work in unison to stop and prevent hair fall. A deficiency in these components can be identified by these tell-tale signs:

    Luckily, adding eggs, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout, tuna), white mushrooms, carrots, leafy and collard greens, and milk and fruit juices can replenish the vitamin D levels in your body.

    As for your hair, here are some masks that will help integrate the essential component into your locks, make them look healthier and more voluminous, and keep your hair loss and falling strands in check.

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